webinoly the most important code you should know

Webinoly shortcode

Why I sharing the post using Webinoly script?.  You can find any post feature about Webinoly on this tag: webinoly-tag. With Webinoly you can control your VPS cloud easy, trust me it’s very easy. One more thing I like this script coz It’s compatible with small VPS system. Let make clear: with the same system on Amazon Lightsail (Vultr, google cloud, or any service Cloud server) about 1 core, 512Gb of Ram. Do you think this …

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Sentora system knowledges and using (part 2)

sentora file system

After tutorial install Sentora part 1, now we can use Sendora with the interface by the browser. But this post I will note the most important information of Sentora system on your VPS. So in the future, if you need to change or config anything just come back here and find everything you need. In this post, I will show you 2 part, 1st is the files and location on VPS ( include ubuntu & Centos). …

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install Sentora and knowledges about Sentora system

Install Sentora in google cloud

I have a little free time, to learning and improve myself. So, I was the choice Sentora system. Because 1st, I have a big system, to research and testing everything. The 2nd, Sentora system can create the reseller hosting for sell ( i never think that before). So everything I need just read the knowledge at sentora.org. and you too, but I just place a serial post to this system coz I think in the future I …

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create free VPS windows Microsoft Azure

Create free VPS windows

If you want to create a free VPS windows (Virtual Private Server) from Microsoft Azure without any charge? just follow this post. Because I will guild you the tutorial: ” Create VPS windows from Microsoft Azure free 100%”. Step by step, clearly, simply and easy-peasy. No require a credit card, pay pal or any payment method. But free is not enough because you will get limited from Azure VPS. That means you just only have 1 …

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