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If you want to create a free VPS windows (Virtual Private Server) from Microsoft Azure without any charge? just follow this post. Because I will guild you the tutorial: ” Create VPS windows from Microsoft Azure free 100%”. Step by step, clearly, simply and easy-peasy. No require a credit card, pay pal or any payment method. But free is not enough because you will get limited from Azure VPS. That means you just only have 1 hour to use this free VPS windows. So this post for the who wanna powerful system for testing some big task. This tutorial not for profit materially from the use of Microsoft.

Before beginning this tutorial you need to create a Microsoft account. After that, log in to your Microsoft account. And here we go!

step 1: browse to this link: Microsoft azure and choice the “ Activate Sandbox” button.

Activate Sandbox" button on Microsoft azure
Activate Sandbox” button on Microsoft azure

just wait for a little bit, already to set-up with CMD command windows.

already to setup you VPS with CMD command
already to setup you VPS with CMD command

Step 2: pull down your browser. and what will see

pull down your browse and..
pull down your browse and..

You need to change 2 lines on this paragraph

–admin-username $USERNAME \ –admin-password $PASSWORD


–admin-username nghiart \ –admin-password 123456789aA@

so that you can change user and password for your VPS as you need.

Step 3: Insert that code to CMD windows.

insert your code to CMD windows and run...
insert your code to CMD windows and run…

this step, the Azure system requires you repeat password and don’t forget the username unless 8 characters.

Step 4: everything done with free VPS windows here!

when you see this message after following 3 steps before:

create free VPS windows.. done!
create free VPS windows.. done!

ok! we already complete creating free VPS windows. Leave the attention to “Public IP address”. This is public IP to connect to your VPS was created.

Using free VPS windows from Microsoft

try to use “Remote Desktop Connection” by clicking to “start menu” -> “Remote Desktop Connection” and paste the IP address you received from CMD windows. And login with username and password your was setup from step 2. Done! now you have free VPS windows, you can do anything as you need.

connect to VPS windows
connect to VPS windows


[su_note]But listen: this tutorial exists a long time ago, so when I write this tutorial everything working. I don’t know when Microsoft close this program for testing. So hurry up!  try-try and try![/su_note]


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