install Sentora and knowledges about Sentora system

I have a little free time, to learning and improve myself. So, I was the choice Sentora system. Because 1st, I have a big system, to research and testing everything. The 2nd, Sentora system can create the reseller hosting for sell ( i never think that before). So everything I need just read the knowledge at and you too, but I just place a serial post to this system coz I think in the future I will use this system so many times and I don’t want to waste time to find something I did. And that the reason I write this post.

Overview of Sentora system

Sentora is control system VPS as same as Cpanel, but this open source and totally free. And very easy and intuitive to use for end-user.

[su_note note_color=”#f6c59a”]Like we know, Zpanel is the same system as Sentora. But after Zpanel selling for HostWinds so Zpanel no longer updates, and have many many potential dangers. Sentora was build from the developer whose dev the Zpanel system. And they make sure Sentora will be updated and upgrade frequently. So don’t use Zpanel anymore and change to Sentora system.[/su_note]

feature of Sentora

  • Support for multiple users
  • Ability to create Reseller Account
  • Support managing domain names of each account, managing bandwidth, capacity, mailbox
  • Allow changing the interface, brand name

the application will be installed on Sentora

  • Apache HTTPd
  • PHP
  • ProFTPd
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Postfix
  • Dovecot

Install Sentora control VPS

prepare VPS to install Sentora

this time, for testing system Sentora. I using google cloud and centos 7 to install Sentora. The hardware using on this post:

hardware for install sendora
hardware for install Sendora
using Centos7 for install sentora
Centos7 for install Sentora

[su_note note_color=”#f6eb9a”]Note: This hardware system need the high performance, coz we will be sharing resources for another user. and before install, we need config A record to IP of VPS will install Sentora.[/su_note]

Install Sentora

we begin to install Sentora with:

bash <(curl -L -Ss

basically, we can’t get any error. Ulti we need to choose the time zone:

choise time zone
choise time zone

after choice, we need to insert that domain we were config in the step before.

choise domain to access Sentora panel
choise domain to access Sentora panel

Okie, now we can make a coffee cup fo waiting the install Sentora complete! Everything done and we got the message:

complete install sentora
complete install sentora

just save this message to a safe place, or you can see that inform about  password: zadmin, MySQL password, ProFTPd password, Roundcube password…  in


and press”y” to reset your VPS to finish install Sentora system.

Access Sentora system

access the sentora system
access the sentora system

after restart VPS, we can access the Sentora system, at the domain was config. And using the user and password saved to login to system. Tada! we got it, Sentora system.

complete install sentora system
complete install sentora

Now we can use Sentora… good luck!

To be continue!


Nhớ bình chọn chất lượng bài viết để mình cố gắng :v
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